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16 Reasons The 1986 Transformers Movie Is Better Than The Current Film Series

Transformers The Last Knight is set to hit theaters on June 21, 2017. That film marks the fifth installment in director Michael Bay’s series of live-action Transformers films that first debuted…

Top 10 Reasons People Hate the Transformers Movies [Video]

Michael Bay’s live action adaptation of the Transformers franchise has received mixed reviews, and while we’re not necessarily saying we think they’re bad, here are some reasons that they catch…


ONE OF THE REASONS WHY REAL LEATHER IS NOT COMMONLY USED I read this in a forum that was written a few years back regarding general advice on how to…

Custom Headsculpt Installation by Tony Mei

Custom Headsculpt installation by Tony Mei As a customizer, always have poster putty available at all time. For custom resin headsculpt, I do prefer using poster potty more than neck…

Protect Your Toy Rubber [Video]

Ever see how rubber on old toys falls apart and/or cracks? Check out this video on how to help keep that from happening on your new toys or revive that…

Top 5 Tips for Collectors [Video]

This is a video by Anthony Chi Wah Tsang aka Budget Stark. He makes some great points on being a collector. Enjoy!

Action figure & toy models photography tips

Action figure / toy photography is a relatively new genre of photography that has risen in popularity in recent years. Photos often feature well-known characters in unusual situations, or playing…

Tips for posing your Action Figures

For collectors who open their action figures, setting up a great display to showcase them is a lot of the fun. Getting action figures into arrangements and poses that suit…

The Nerd-Cave Reconfiguration: Backdrop It Like It’s Hot

With the construction of my cabinets done, it was time to start sprucing them up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with just plain ‘ol Detolfs, but I wanted to do…

Top 5 Tips For Displaying Your Collection

This is a video by Anthony Chi Wah Tsang aka Budget Stark. He talks about different ways to make your collection look better.  Enjoy!

G1 Cartoon Hauler Is Really Grapple

If you’re looking to own a G1 cartoon Hauler then all you need to do is buy a MP Grapple. Why? Because G1 Cartoon Hauler is really Grapple. “Origins In…

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  • Claude Washington on The Nerd-Cave Reconfiguration: Backdrop It Like It’s Hot: “Super-cool! I too have been contemplating how to do my display cases, once I have my own place and start…May 20, 12:25
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